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Who we are

Second Chance Interiors has come from a place in my heart I’ve had since a child- a desire to revive life and feel deeply grounded and at peace in my home.

We are here for anyone who seeks to make their home a reflection and extension of themselves; to those who wish to make something unique; for anyone who seeks individuality in a world of mass-production.

Each piece of furniture we inspire, guide, create, and sell carries a piece of this passion. We want to create something with you that will make your home a sanctuary, a place that has value beyond the sum of its contents.

As a stockist for Annie Sloan, we believe that we have everything we need to fulfil this vision. With quality products made in Britain, they are uniquely customisable to any dream you may have.

Let us be a part of your journey, and be a part of ours, together making a difference starting with ourselves and our home- define your individual self through the creative process of customised, painted furniture.

Love always,

Donna x

Our Recycling Commitment

Reduce, reuse, recycle. 

It's something we all know and here at Second Chance Interiors, we take it seriously. We are avid recyclers (our name says it all!) and that comes down even to our packaging. 

As a business, we get lots of boxes, papers, and other materials that are often thrown out. Instead of throwning them out, wee currently use a large porrtion of our loft as storage space for these, until we can repackage orders and other items with them. It doesn't always look pretty, but we think the 'thank you' the environment gives it worth it. 

If we can't find a way to reuse something, we find others who will give it a second life. 

We'd love to hear about the ways you reuse your packaging and products, especially if you're a small business like ourselves! If you have a demand for items such as plastic and other diffcult to reuse/recycle items, send us an email and we may be able to find a way to pass on these

It's conscience, deliberate actions to reduce our waste, recycle our boxes, and reuse (or regift) other items that we want to be known for. Not only with our upcycled furniture, but also our waste. Together we can care for the environment, one action at a time. 


Donna x