Let's Explain: Waxes and Finishes - Newsletter 2!

Published 9 June 2020: Please note not all discount codes, products, and features will be still available.
Hello Painters!
We've got a great newsletter for you today! Focusing on all the products we've got in store to complete the painting process and seal your furniture, it's sure to resolve any puzzling questions you may have about which one to choose! We've got information on Annie Sloan's waxes, pearlescent glaze, laqueur, and wax brushes as well as Saltwash, so definitely open it up and check it out!
Online and instore we've got a fantastic Faux Effects Box for the Saltwash, which helps achieve any kind of look you can imagine- from rust to leather! And for only $48, there isn't anything else that can beat it! Follow the link to order yours today!

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